I posted the following to Facebook in October, 2014.

It’s Asexuality Awareness week. So, here goes. Hi. My name is Ema and

I am asexual.

This means that I have no sexual drive and I don’t experience sexual attraction whatsoever. I adore cuddling, and, with someone I have an emotional connection with, kissing can be fun; however, anything more and I’d rather be eating cake.

To answer the most commonly asked questions: No, I am not a plant. Yes, I have orgasmed; no, I do not ever want to do so again. No, I do not need my hormones tested. And no, even if you are the most attractive person ever, you cannot ‘fix’ this.

Asexuals can be aromantic or homoromantic or biromantic or panromantic or whatever other label one wants to use. I myself am heteroromantic, meaning despite my asexuality I still become emotionally involved with males. I still can have and have had my heart broken. If in an emotionally committed relationship, I have few problems participating in sexual activities; I’m just indifferent to them. They’re boring and I’d rather do homework.

I still have no problems if you want to have a lot of sex with a lot of people and I have no problems if you don’t. Really, if it makes you happy and harms no one, I have no problems with it.

Please ask me any questions you may have. Sex and sexuality need not be taboo subjects and I have resolved to be very open in order to spread knowledge, awareness, and understanding.
Aside from people denying that it is possible for us to exist not experiencing sexual attraction, us asexuals are not, per say, often discriminated against; however, no one should ever have to go through their formative years thinking something is wrong with them.

I didn’t know asexuality–something that seems to go against all base human instincts–was even a thing for the longest time. Labels are often criticized, but though I have no regrets about my life, finding that label really made me a much more confident and secure person. Had there been more awareness I may have realized I wasn’t alone much earlier in life.