So, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it’s in Italy, right? So you could say it’s… italicised?

I profoundly apologise to anyone who heard that more than once from me this past weekend. I’m not actually sorry though.

Pisa was a $38 round trip flight from Fes, so I decided that the weekend before finals is not a time that should be spent studying and should instead be spent in Italy. Y’know, priorities.

Shout out to my German friend for again keeping me company on this one. We spent a day at the beach where it was, despite the warm sun and the gorgeous colour of the water, incredibly windy. To my amusement, there was a man accompanying his bunny rabbit, which was happily burrowing around in the sand.

The tower was less dramatic than I expected, and I was more impressed by the variety of fancy doorknobs across the city and more amused by cackling at tourists taking photos of themselves holding the tower up.

I was also very excited to meet a fellow kiwi whom I could speak with using my natural accent without being misunderstood. It’s amazing how much of a difference it makes! However, in general I was surprised by how touristy the area was–I suppose I’ve been in less common destinations, so I’m not used to hearing groups of obnoxious visitors walking by and saying dumb things.


In Italy, I stayed at Hostel Pisa, which was reasonably priced for Italy and had a great social environment.