From Antelope Canyon, we drove ten minutes over to the parking lot for Horseshoe Bend. It was about a half mile hike from the parking lot, but it absolutely SUCKED–I hate hiking in sand and I hate hiking in the heat and guess what? It was really sandy and really hot! And I was pretty underwhelmed by Horseshoe Bend. Really, we should have gone there first so we could have been impressed because nothing was going to impress me after photographic Antelope Canyon. I didn’t even get a picture of the entirety of Horseshoe Bend.
From there, we went up to Lake Powell. We didn’t end up going out to the lake and swimming or anything because we were worried about time, but it was certainly quite pretty from afar.
I was so excited, because next stop was Zion!
But first, I convinced Nathan that it was worth taking the scenic route to go by Jacob’s Lake on the way to the North Rim. The cookies there are absolutely phenomenal.
We thought it would be a nice spot to camp there in the national forest, contemplated it for a bit, decided to do it, drove five minutes back, and were just in time to watch someone else take the last camp site. Darn!
So onwards back to Utah it was. Utah, and Zion, my beloved.

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