Observations about Germany:
-Walking past a guy holding a beer at 8:30AM.
-Finding a stall on the side of the street selling liquor as abundant as the flowers on Powell Street, San Francisco.
-“Wasserfallstraße” is a street name.
-Squirrels are squirrelier in Germany than in the US. Don’t ask me how; I chased one to ask him, but he was too fast for me. They are redder and with pointier ears and just generally act more squirrel like.
-The bubble man.

The Palmengarten was my first stop, and my favourite part of this city. Somehow, just from the way I walked up to her, the ticket seller greeted me in English, but she took my student ID and thus admission was three Euro. Even the regular seven would have been well worth it though. My favourite flowers are daffodils and tulips, and Palmengarten had an abundance of these. I had a good book, too, so I ended up having to pull myself away because I could have spent all day sitting and smelling the flowers.
After walking past Alte Oper, I made it to the Main Tower. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to pay the entrance fee, but utilising my student ID again, it was only 4.5 Euro, and the view was incredible. I came to the conclusion that if one wants to see the cool things they can see in Dubai, they should just go to Frankfurt–the Palmengarten was almost as cool as the Dubai Miracle Garden, and the view from Main Tower was almost as cool as the view from the Burj Khalifa (and literally a twentieth the price.)

I found Eiserner Steg, which is I think the original bridge on which couples placed locks, and then sat in a nearby square and people watched for a while. There was a man with a giant bubble maker thing entertaining random children, and it made me happier than anything just seeing their absolute delight.