Though it was a series of unfortunate events that landed me in Bodrum, it ended up being my favourite place in Turkey. A quaint little seaside town, it seems like it’s packed in summer, but I still found it lovely in the winter.


I had quite a few things on my map that I wanted to get to in the four hours I had to explore, but I ended up spending over two hours at my first stop, the Bodrum Castle and the Museum of Underwater Archaeology. I absolutely adore the idea of castles and so rarely get to explore them that this was a complete treat.

This became my favourite piece of art…
until I saw this one, which I promptly declared even more curious.
How is the water possibly so clear?!
The birds are boxes.
Old scarabs recovered from shipwrecks.
These were seals, which I thought was super intriguing. The craftswork also was very detailed.
The stairs leading towards the old dungeon creaked, and the replicas of prisoners hanging from chains was actually almost creepy.


WP_010126 WP_010134 WP_010172 WP_010220 WP_010224 WP_010232 I then made it to the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, where a cat showed me through the ruins.
WP_010259 WP_010275 WP_010276

Before I high tailed it back to my hostel, I was able to see the old amphitheatre. Though I wasn’t able to actually go in and explore, I was impressed by the magnitude of the structure, which now just a random artifact on the side of a busy road.WP_010283In Bodrum, I stayed at the Bodrum Backpacker’s Hostel which was about a ten minute walk (with all my luggage!) from the Otogar/bus station. Despite my having made a reservation less than an hour before showing up, the staff was super receptive and we had a great time. I’d assume the place gets very crazy in summer, but definitely a great place to hang out with people.