Looking back on these pictures I find myself thinking “Wow, that view was incredible; I should totally do Wilbur again.” No. While I was going up–and while I was going down–I thought to myself multiple times that I was never going to let myself do this again so I’d better enjoy the views while I could. However, being able to see all over the region–to see all the way up Ptarmigan Tunnel and over to Lake Elizabeth; to see the Chain Lakes; to look out at the distance to Swiftcurrent Pass and the far off Grinnell Glacier Overlook–I’ve got to say it was a fabulous culminating hike to see where I’d been going all season.

For someone with rock climbing experience, Wilbur might be an easy climb; however, I hadn’t climbed so much as Mt. Altyn, the easiest off-trail climb in the park. I was diving straight in, and it was a horrible idea–with such sheer cliffs and exposure, I definitely could have fallen to my death at many points.

Huge shout out to Josh who took me with him for firstly coercing me into coming, but for being incredibly patient with me, helping when I couldn’t for the life of me find hand grips, laughing at my quivering legs, and most of all for never asking me if I wanted to turn back.