About half an hour from Meknes, Volubilis is by far the coolest place in Morocco I’ve seen so far. For those with American/UK passports only, it gives Persepolis in Iran a run for its money, being an old Roman city from the 3rd century in remarkably good condition.

When our taxi from Meknes left us, we told him we only needed an hour–big mistake. I easily could have spent a day there, in awe of the gorgeous mosaic tiling and staring at the grand structures from every angle of the sun.

The conditions were perfect–I took about a million photos of the sky itself alone because the few clouds kept changing beautifully and the sunset was incredible. The moon rising on our way back to Meknes was possibly the most beautiful I’d ever seen it, completely full and at about thrice its normal size as it hung over the horizon, seeming so close that if I ran long enough perhaps I could touch it.

I was honestly surprised by just how incredible it was–no locals had mentioned it to me, and I honestly would have never known about it if it hadn’t popped up when I was searching the sites of Meknes. Even then, if we hadn’t finished exploring Meknes so early, we wouldn’t have gone. But seriously, anyone going to Morocco with any interest in history should definitely check it out. I’m hoping I’ll have a second chance to go back.

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