The train from Nové Zámky took about 90 minutes and was very comfortable with WiFi and outlets. In the hour we had to kill, my friend and I found the Slovakian equivalent of the White House and a really cool upside down pyramid building. Back at the train station, we met another one of my Slovakian friends who I’d later travel to Brno with. It was really surreal to have two of my Zion friends showing me around the capital of their country.

As they pointed out, Prague was the capital of Czechoslovakia and as such, Bratislava isn’t as big of a centre of commerce or culture. After going through Bratislava Castle and the two main squares, we had seen most of the city. I enjoyed the various amusing statues.

For lunch, I tried halušky, Slovakian potato dumplings, which were drenched in sheep’s cheese and, while filling, were pretty good.

Saying goodbye to my first friend was sad, but a few minutes later, my other friend and I were off on the train to Brno and the Czech Republic!