Because aeroplane pictures will never get old.


After a miserable experience getting up at 4AM in order to get a train to the airport, I made it to Barcelona around 11:30 in the morning. I promptly took the bus to my hostel, where I found myself feeling a little lost. The Foo Fighters were supposed to play that night and I had planned on spending most of the day queuing, but their show had been cancelled, and I was disappointed.

Nonetheless, I decided to set forth with no plan of attack again and see what I could see. It was Spain, after all!

Walking in the general direction of the ocean, I came to a park with a pretty greenhouse that reminded me of a mini version of the conservatory in Washington, D.C.

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In Spain, their big meal of the day is lunch, and many restaurants offer menus del dia where you can order two main dishes and dessert from a few choices. I found one that seemed nice enough and walked in, pretending that I was a fluent Spanish speaker. I managed to keep it up until the second course arrived, when my server said something I didn’t understand at all, but judging by the speed at which he was talking I’m pretty sure he knew I was a tourist the second I walked in.WP_008027 WP_008028

I made it to the pier, which had the feel of Baltimore–there was even a big mall advertising lots of restaurants. Somehow I missed the beach, but I was content to continue along the pier. Eventually I made it along Las Ramblas, the really big touristy section, where they were selling all of the souveneirs. I was quite fascinated by little cacti in magnetic pots, and considered buying one for a friend but decided it would either die in the post or under my care.

Just as at my hostel in London, I was surprised by how much people at my hostel kept to themselves. However, I befriended a Brit and a German over paella at the next door bar, and ended up spending the evening with them and two Icelanders at another Irish pub. WP_008030 WP_008032 WP_008033 WP_008039 WP_008049