The Basilica Cistern was astoundingly awesome, though kind of creepy with a lot of oversized fish swimming through its waters.

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Accidental meta picture of the day in an attempt to subtly take a photo.

I initially wasn’t too excited about the Topkapi Palace Museum, but ended up spending half the day there. Of the experience, I was most excited to learn that one of the sultans had a person working specifically to prepare pickles.WP_009801 WP_009805 WP_009806 WP_009809 WP_009811 WP_009822 WP_009825 WP_009835 WP_009838 WP_009840 WP_009855

This sweetheart joined me for lunch.
This sweetheart joined me for lunch.

I explored the Grand Bazaar. I tried my first Turkish baklava and died. I tried my first Turkish Turkish delight, and was immensely satisfied. I drunk more pomegranate juice and ate more doner from local street vendors. I spent another evening in the Taxim district.

With more time in Istanbul, I might have explored the other side of the city or the museums; however, I felt like I saw everything I really wanted to see and was thus satisfied.