This was my first foray into Rabat, taken after a morning darija class.


Chellah is the ruins of an old town, with a mix of architecture from Roman and Islamic times. It had been built in the pre-Islamic era, but was later used by a sultan who added a mosque and the royal tombs. Most of it was in ruins, but the various tombs were well preserved and I could see the outside of the old baths.


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Next, I visited the Mausoleum of Mohammad V, the former king of Morocco. Inside, there was a place for a reader of the Qur’an who apparently reads throughout the day, and a space for the current king’s body when he dies.WP_010406 WP_010408 WP_010413

After, I wandered through the medina, the old city, which was very blue and felt very authentic. Just based on the medina, I began to like Morocco more than I had the UAE.WP_010441 WP_010442 WP_010443 WP_010448 WP_010450 WP_010456 WP_010464 WP_010471