I took 332 photos this day.
I daresay I adored this hike.

Beginning at Logan Pass, I took the Highline Trail through to Granite Park Chalet, taking a small off trail to the Grinnell Glacier Overlook. Though steep, that 0.6 miles leads to the most incredible view of the Chain Lakes and is well worth the time–and especially worth the extra clambering around at the top. I coincided with two former employees I’d briefly met before at Granite Park and hiked with them to the junction for Swiftcurrent Lookout. There, I went up and they went down. As I reached the top of the mountain, it began to pour. The fire warden up there left me strict instructions to tell everyone that he is very grumpy, but I was very appreciative of staying dry. Though the view was marred by the fog, I knew I only had downhill ahead of me.

Once I hit Bullhead Lake, I got grumpy at having to walk the four miles I’ve done so many times–sleep deprivation was kicking in and the high from the overlooks was wearing off. Because I’d spent an hour and a half at the top of Swiftcurrent, I knew there was no way I was making it back by dinner, so I just wanted them to be over. At Redrock Falls, I stopped singing to myself because I knew I was entering the most crowded part of the trail. And then–grizzly bear. Dead smack in front of me on the trail. Ugh. If it had been earlier in the day, I would have been excited, but I didn’t want to be held up just then. Thankfully, my yelling at him moved him off the trail quickly enough.

After Sperry Glacier, this was my favourite hike in the park. The fog all over the park that day only added to the mystique of the trail, which offers fabulous views of Going-to-the-Sun road and the entire valley.