I started my day off with cafe con leche and a croissant at a bakery I’d walked by the previous day for 2 euro. The hostel provided breakfast, but I wanted to sit at a cafe and stare at people.

My hostel rented bikes for eight Euro. Considering that in Zion we charged $10 an hour, this seemed like a good deal, so I went for it. I had a bunch of starred places I’d planned to visit, but I wasn’t feeling terribly excited about any of them, so I decided to just go where the wind took me.

This kind of worried me at first–I was thinking about the people that would be like “But you went to Barcelona and didn’t see this?!” However, it was my time and I decided that whatever made me happy would be what I would do, and I wanted to bike and to stare at people.

I did see a lot of super cool buildings–Barcelona is renown for its architecture–but due to my lack of dexterity, taking photos that aren’t blurry/on a drastic angle is a little more challenging on a bike than on foot.

This is my favourite slide. You see, it’s a rocket as well as a slide, which is pretty cool.


Just when I thought I had succeeded in getting myself lost, I came to the beach. It was about 9:30 in the morning but there were quite a few people around were jogging, walking dogs, playing volleyball, and even sunbathing.

So many beach photos but the ocean is practically the coolest thing ever.
I found a circus! It was American…
This museum had architecture reminiscent of the CJM!

WP_008065 WP_008078

I found some lovely street and a pretty bench and I sat down and watched all the people around and that was when I fell in love with Barcelona. This area had a small town feel. Everyone was smiling and interacting with other people. I saw an elderly man pushing an elderly woman in a wheelchair, and I may be sentimental, but it was incredibly sweet.

I stopped at various places and had a muffin at one and an ice cream at another because another menu del dia might have made me explode, and sitting while eating allowed me to people watch some more.
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The previous day, I’d seen a gondola, and when I realised it was late afternoon I decided that I had to get to the gondola and to the top of Parc de Mont Juic. This led to me getting lost and turning back three times before eventually finding the stairs to what looked to be the gondola.
WP_008114 WP_008118 WP_008138 WP_008141

I managed to catch the last gondola of the day and got a beautiful view of Barcelona as I went back and forth. The sun was beginning to set, and I decided that I was going to make it to the top in time to see it. This led to me scrambling around various roads (completely forgetting that maps are things) and ultimately failing, though I did get to see beautiful colours all across the sky.

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