Asilah means authentic, and I found this charming seaside town to live up to its name.

Each year, the town holds a festival for artists and they end up painting a mural. I loved seeing all the beautiful art across the medina, the old town, even though they replace a lot of the murals to make space for the next.

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That cat is actually me.

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This man handcrafts djellabas and caftans for people who bring him fabric.

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All day long, the sky was threatening rain.

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Because textures of textiles. And blue.
This guy was using a loom to make his various textiles, which included blankets and towels that he described as being good for the beach.

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I spent at least half an hour watching these two cats frolic and chase each other.
Jamels jamillas! (No, that is not the correct plural…)