And we were off!
Nathan, who I was dating at the time, was going to be working in Glacier summer ’17, and I was going to be spending the summer (ha!) in New York City. He drove down for my graduation from school in Maryland, and I acoompanied him all the way through Salt Lake City, from which I flew to NYC.
The first day was probably the harshest, and I had to appreciate Nathan, who had driven multiple times from Illinois to visit me throughout the previous year. I was in a really weird state–I wasn’t sure when I’d next see my parents, and I’d just left behind a really huge chapter of my life. I knew I was going from seeing many close friends everyday to starting all over from scratch, and I was honestly pretty emotional. Still, I was excited to practice my abismal driving.
We stayed with Nathan’s lovely friends (shoutout to Bridget and Jared for being phenomenal!) in Edwardsville our first night.
Our first major destination was St. Louis, where we had a delicious brunch at one of Nathan’s favourite cafes, went up the arch, and visited the zoo. I’d never been, and I was super psyched to explore even though I had no idea what the city had to offer.
It was quite a brief trip through, but I inherently liked St. Louis. It felt friendly and modern, but not overly so. Nathan and I both loved the elephants at the zoo!

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