On a lovely Saturday morning we kayaked around the Palm Jumeirah. 8:30 is far too early for a weekend; however, even then it was approximately ten million degrees (Celcius) and the water was warmer than a bath. Still, it was incredibly peaceful and quiet to be out on the Gulf. The water was salty but rather clear and we found several starfish friends.

A screenshot of Google Maps.

The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island, or a series of artificial islands, depending on how you want to view it. It looks small on the map, but is actually massive, and the picture of luxury. My friend claimed he could see the nearby World islands through the haze on our way back to school, which also sound like incredible feats of construction.


I took all of these photos through a Ziploc bag (though I didn’t actually fall unintentionally into the water; nor did I throw my phone whimsically into the ocean!) so the quality is ethereal. (Or murky. Perspective!)
WP_006043 WP_006054