This after work hike was one that could only be described as perfect. My friend and I took a nap straight after our opening shift and then headed out for the hour and a half drive to the Southeast side of the park, the first and only time I went through Browning. My refrain of the day became “Montdamna” because I just couldn’t handle how gorgeous all the land was.

Before we got to the top of the pass, just as we hit the switchbacks designed to make our legs ache, it started pouring, but the thunder clouds were magical to watch as they travelled around the valley. As we made our way back, the sky gave us a sunset show and the full moon rose.

It was dark by the time we drove back, but the stars were twinkling through the windows next to the moon. Then, lightning began striking off in the distance, flashes of light every minute or so lighting up the sky.

Though it was definitely partially due to the company, Firebrand Pass was a truly outstanding hike and marked one of the most perfect days of the summer.