The waterfalls at Akchour had been on my list of things I wanted to see in Morocco, so I was delighted when I realised that they were the ones that were an hour’s drive from Chefchaouen.

At the bottom of the river, there were paths on either side. We took the right path. Note to anyone planning on going: take the left.

We hiked up a mountain, watching God’s bridge grow closer and closer until we were crossing it. Instead of going down towards it, we found ourselves climbing upward. I was extremely eager to continue along the path; however, a few members of the group had grown tired, so we turned back, thinking we might have missed a turn off. However, once back on the path, I saw the trail curving downwards clearly.

Since we had planned to have lunch there, I took off at my own pace, intent on finding the path. Once I was back at God’s bridge, I encountered a few Moroccans, one of whom spoke English and informed me that to get to the bottom where one can swim, I would have to take the other turn at the beginning.

Unfortunately, once I caught up with my friends, there was no time for me to go and explore myself. However, we instead paddled in the stream and drunk the clear water.

The views were astounding and though the trek was nothing compared to what I’d find in Zion, it was lovely to stretch my legs.

Photo courtesy of Kat Weinstock.

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Go left!


This friendly dog led us for a minute or so before turning off the path to drink.

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God’s Bridge.


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Photo courtesy of Kat Weinstock.
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