From the Badlands, we made a perfunctory stop at Mt. Rushmore as Nathan hadn’t been (and since he’s American, I felt it more vital for him!) From there, we went to Crazy Horse mainly because I wanted to eat the fry bread there which I remembered as being absolutely incredible.
The real treat of the day was Devil’s Tower, which we had been tempted to cut off to save time. I’m so glad we went–I was so excited to enter Wyoming again, since Wyoming is the home of Yellowstone, but I was kind of expecting Devil’s Tower to be another place that we would drive up to, take a few photos of, and leave, but we hiked around it and it was a splendid time. The views were incredible, and I couldn’t stop going “Wow! Wow! Look! Wow!” at the tower itself–it’s insane! There were people climbing too, which I thought looked like fun.
Beginning to drive down south, I was absolutely astounded, and my jaw kept dropping open as I stared out at the vast expanse of fields and the incredible clouds and the road stretching on for miles.

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