Of everywhere we were going on the trip, I was most excited to go to Antelope Canyon. All of the photos I had seen were simply stunning, and I was so gosh darn excited to see it in person. And since I had finally invested in a nice camera after using my beaten up six-year-old phone for, well, six years, it was really exciting to test it out on someplace magical.
Of course, things didn’t go as planned. I hadn’t been able to find any concrete information online other than that tours were expensive, and we hadn’t known exactly what day we would get in, so I hadn’t booked anything ahead of time.
We drove into Page and I went and checked out two tour companies. Both were completely booked up. Fine, I thought. We’d go directly to the canyon and try it out anyway.
I’d read that Lower Antelope Canyon was almost as pretty as Upper and wasn’t as expensive, so we went there and parked. There were tours running every twenty minutes or so, and there were spaces in the one happening in 20 minutes. It was $30 a head, which seemed reasonable compared to the tours out of Page. We sat and boiled for a while and then went on over.
Our guide was super cool and despite having to wait outside in the heat for a good hour or so, I was curious to hear more about how the area had been experiencing a boom of tourism.
SO fun fact: the canyon itself is not the most spectacular thing ever! But the photos are! A French tourist commented to me that the Grand Canyon was way better in person than the photos, but Antelope was vice versa, and I had to agree. I was that tourist I normally hate who was more intrigued by her camera than her surroundings. But I’m so very glad I finally made it here after having stared at the photos on post cards all summer two years prior in Zion.

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